There was a feeling of optimism throughout most of the panel discussions at ILMC this year. A sense that, while the live music industry faces challenges from many directions, business, as a whole – is good. Our entrepreneurial game is seeing its players react to new technology and different business models, with most eyes wide open and looking toward the future.

Judging by the feedback we’ve received, plenty of meetings were had and deals done, so the ILMC has once again done its job in bringing together the industry’s top players; being a forum for both business and the exchange of information; whilst adding a healthy dose of fun for good measure.

This positivity was also reflected in the number of delegates who attended, having sold out, once again, a week before the conference opened its doors – with more than 1,000 attendees from over 60 countries. The Gala and Sunday Dinners were also both at capacity, and all other events drew very healthy numbers. In fact, if you’d tried to get into the bar on Friday after 11pm, you’d have seen positivity on such a level that the stocks of painkillers in nearby chemists had plummeted by Saturday morning.

ILMC 26 was a watershed edition for me personally, as anyone who attended Martin Hopewell’s Flight Attendant’s Briefing will have heard first-hand. With ILMC’s founder stepping back and handing over to me some very big reins indeed (although still remaining actively involved), I hope that the ILMC team and I will fulfill expectations in the years to come.

For me, what makes ILMC unique is that it’s a family gathering. It’s a little bit like Christmas for many – a chance to catch up with the extended circle of uncles, aunts and cousins; celebrate having survived another year; and to eat, drink and be merry. And provided we keep those family values in the forefront of our minds, ILMC will remain the Xmas party so many members want to attend for years to come.

If you attended, thank you. If you didn’t, please ignore that growing sense of envy as you view the following pages. After all, there’s always next year!
Greg Parmley